About Us

Revolutionizing Senegal’s transportation services, one journey at a time!

About G&G Afrique

G&G Afrique is a leading provider of transportation services in Senegal, offering convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation solutions on demand.

Whether you’re an adventurer exploring the beauty of Senegal, a business traveler seeking convenience, or a local needing reliable transport, G&G Afrique caters to all of your everyday transportation needs.

Our Story

Our family embarked on a journey to launch G&G Afrique after realizing the challenges of the transportation industry in Africa.

Today, we are the go-to choice for innovative transportation services in Senegal.


To provide convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation services in Africa.


To be the leading provider of transportation service in Africa through exceptional services and innovative solutions.

Everything we do at G&G Afrique is shaped by our core values of…



Safety First



Customer Satisfaction